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Winter and Spring

Winter left as customary. It carried with it the freezing air and the tempests that accompany it. As Winter's subjects followed their master, green buds mustered the courage to spring from every dry branch once the authoritarian force of Winter had retreated for good. From the buds, leaves followed. Shortly after, with the certainty that Winter would not return until next year, the most delicate of flowers made an appearance. The population rejoiced. From the light palette of the green leaves and the young flowers, and the fresh smell in the air, the senses were delighted. The citizens put away their winter clothes and restocked their wardrobes with spring attire.

But like every year, a crow would fly to where Winter and its subjects had moved and would describe with a sense of scoff the joy and warmth that had overtaken the people's hearts. The winds and heavy rain couldn't live with it. While everyone was smelling the flowers and taking pictures of the beauty of spring, they never felt the same love when they were around. Unable to live with this injustice, every spring, they would return early and show their full force. Filled with anger and jealousy, they ravaged the land.

As a result, the ground would be covered with the beautiful flowers that once were the object of admiration for all. Few would survive. Those who did would be visited by bees and other insects. Those few would carry on the species. Despite their fury, life would always win. Every year this cycle would repeat. The crow would do what crows do. The subjects of Winter, filled with an empty heart, would show what they were capable of. Life would suffer their blows but always persist.

And so, the eternal battle between the seasons unfolded, year after year. Each trying to outdo the other, leaving the land and its inhabitants in the midst of a never-ending struggle. Amidst this strife, life would always find a way to endure and flourish. The persistence of the flora and fauna, in the face of the cruel elements, stood as a testament to the resilience of life itself.

In the end, the seasons would come and go, leaving their marks upon the earth, but the cycle of life would continue unchanged. This eternal, natural, yet hard-to-comprehend dance marked the reality of life - the beauty and the struggle that lies at the heart of existence.

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