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Janus - The Roman God after whom January Is Named

Janus, the two-faced Roman God after whom January is named. As the guardian of doors and gates, Janus symbolizes new beginnings and transitions. He serves as the link between the past and the future, overseeing pivotal life events like weddings, births, deaths, and seasonal occurrences, including the New Year. Janus serves as a poignant reminder that our future ambitions and dreams are shaped by the choices and experiences of our past. However, regardless of our history, January, just like Janus, offers us the chance to craft fresh beginnings.

As we start a new year, let's not forget that we often focus our efforts on 'doing', overlooking a crucial aspect – 'being'. I invite you to reflect not just on what you want to do in the 12 months ahead, but also on how you want to be. To aid in this introspection, I've compiled a list of aspirational adjectives for the new year:

  1. Tenacious

  2. Productive

  3. Resilient

  4. Compassionate

  5. Mindful

  6. Innovative

  7. Grateful

  8. Empathetic

  9. Courageous

  10. Disciplined

  11. Optimistic

  12. Generous

  13. Determined

  14. Adventurous

  15. Thoughtful

  16. Patient

  17. Authentic

  18. Visionary

  19. Analyst

  20. Motivator

  21. Problem-Solver

  22. Influencer

  23. Organizer

  24. Creator

  25. Optimizer

  26. Adapter

  27. Decision-Maker

  28. Networker

  29. Reacher

  30. Communicator

  31. Developer

  32. Relationship-Builder

  33. Strategist

  34. Leader

  35. Collaborator

  36. Negotiator

Choose one, or many, that resonate with you. These qualities can guide your personal and professional growth in the year ahead.

May Janus open the doors of growth, happiness, and fulfillment!

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