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What you (and I) have in common with squirrels!

Squirrels will forage for food on a patch of land until that patch no longer yields the resources needed for survival. When a patch is depleted of resources, it will then decide to move on to new patches where food will probably be more abundant. 

We behave much like squirrels. We are foragers-- information foragers.  We forage for information at a certain source until it no longer gives us what we need.  We visit one app until the perceived value of the information goes down, then we immediately move to another. After scrolling our feed on Facebook, we head to Instagram… and when we get bored there, it’s off to Bored Panda. 

We can waste hours jumping from patch to patch, because, like squirrels, not only are we foragers, but we also have an inclination to hoard information. 

This jumping around is causing us to drown in information overload and waste precious amounts of time. Your Dark horse will always convince you to search for that one additional piece of information instead of getting back to work. 

So the bottom line is-- don’t be a squirrel!  Close all sources of information and get back to your goal, get focused. 

Happy achieving!

Before I leave, today’s trance tune is 

Title: Shona; Artist: Jake Chudnow; Album: Shona: Spotify Link:

(Focus Alert: this is THE one tune that gets me most focused on any writing project; I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.)

I select the tunes that will make you productive so you don’t have to.


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