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It's Almost 2021! Time to Confront our Dark Horse!

Your Dark Horse is a desiring, indulgent, hungry beast. It will make you want to slack off when you must focus. It will indulge when you must restrain. It will multitask when you must mono-task.

Below are some tips on how to tame your Dark Horse in 2021:

  • Do the opposite of what it desires: you probably know by now that the Dark Horse is the sweetest of talkers! Don't fall for its convincing ways -- if it wants to quit, keep on going; if it wants to indulge, restrain.

  • Simplify your life: focus on one task at a time; declutter the office; have fewer, but more meaningful goals; before making a decision, sleep on it.

  • Place blinders on the Dark Horse: control for environmental distractions that derail the Dark Horse--this could be places, technology, and people.

  • Know thy Dark Horse: you have lived with your Dark Horse long enough to know when and where it gets you into trouble. Anticipate challenges and have a plan to deal with them.

  • Develop discipline: taming is discipline. Discipline creates healthy habits that override the demands of the Dark Horse. As disciplined routine is created, the voice of the Dark Horse slowly becomes to become subdued. Don't become a disciplinarian, be disciplined.

Happy achieving and a very productive 2021!

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