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Does music focus, energize and motivate you?  Research shows that music can indeed be a great energizer and help us focus on goal achievement, increasing productivity. However, beware. Music with lyrics can certainly get us going, but it can also quickly distract us, especially when we start to sing along.  That’s why when we sing in the shower, we tend to take longer showers! It turns out that trance music can focus, energize and motivate us like nothing else!

Now I know what you may be thinking: I don’t like trance music.  Or I’m too old for trance music. Or I don’t even know what trance is!  But here’s a secret: trance music transcends age and is a wonderful motivator for many people because it can help us be more productive. In fact for some people like me, a morning without trance is like a morning without coffee, and what kind of morning is that?!

Still not convinced?  All I can ask is that you try it for a couple of weeks.  Sign up to my distribution list so you can receive the best productivity trance directly to your inbox. I select the tunes that will make you productive so you don’t have to. 

In addition to music recommendations, I’ll send short messages with evidence-based strategies that will help enhance your productivity, focus, self-control and effectiveness based on my book Tamed.

Now go get productive!  And happy achieving!

Here’s the tune for today... this is the trance tune that changed my life, dividing my life into two distinct eras - BEL and AEL (Before Elements of Life and After Elements of Life. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did (and do):

Song Title: Elements of Life; Artist: Tiësto; Album: Elements of Life;

Spotify Link:

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