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Tired of Controlling your Dark Horse? Stay Fresh!

Controlling our impulses, avoiding distractions, staying focused and engaging in any other activity that requires self-control consumes loads of mental and physical energy (especially during these trying times!) The more energy we consume in a certain task, the less of it we have available for future tasks. This phenomenon is scientifically referred to as ego depletion—the diminishing power of our charioteer* (the executive part of our brain) to be in control. 

To counteract ego depletion, we need to create opportunities for the charioteer and for our horses to rest. The more you exert your charioteer, the more it is likely to succumb to the demands of your Dark Horse. 

Rest. Take a break. Go for a walk if possible. Take a siesta. Focus, intensively, and then let go. After you are rested, get back at it with refreshed energy.

Stay fresh!

Happy Achieving!

*for a more in-depth discussion about your Charioteer, Dark Horse, and Bright Horse, visit

before I go... nothing better to focus your Dark Horse than some good 'ol Trance. Follow my playlist on Spotify:  Name: Dark Horse Tamed; Link: 

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