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It’s almost 2020! Time to confront your Dark Horse

Do you feel your life is out of whack? Take a minute and check which of these statements apply to you:

☐ You desire to achieve certain goals, yet you frequently behave in ways that sabotage your best intentions. 

☐ You frequently procrastinate when you should get things done.

☐ You frequently multitask when you need to focus.

☐ You frequently indulge when you need to restrain.

☐ You frequently doubt when you need to believe.

☐ You slack off when you are supposed to take charge. 

If you checked any (or all) of these, then you have already met your Dark Horse. We have inside our minds, according to Plato, two flying horses pulling our chariots towards our goals. The Bright Horse is that part of you that longs for achievement, long-term plans, and represent your virtues. We also have an impulsive, needy Dark Horse that craves immediate gratification and short-term wins. 

We often feel out of whack when our Dark Horse pulls the chariot away from our goals. In future posts I will share ideas on how to Tame your Dark Horse. For now, at this busy time of the year, it’s good to just acknowledge your Dark Horse and reflect on the ways it impacts your ability to achieve. 

Before I leave, today’s tune is 

Title: Open Your Eyes; Artist: Insigma; Album: A State of Trance Classics, Vol. 4; Link to song:

(I select the Trance tunes that will make you productive so you don’t have to.)

Happy achieving and a very productive 2020!

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