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In Life, as in Football, Every Second Counts!

If you watched the Super Bowl on Sunday, you would have thought the Kansas City Chiefs had almost no chance of winning.  At the beginning of the final quarter, the San Francisco 49ers were ahead 20-10 after scoring 17 unanswered points, and an analytics website tweeted that the 49ers had a 93.8% chance of winning the big game.  But as we know, the Chiefs didn’t give up. With less than 3 minutes left in the game, they actually went ahead of the 49ers and ended up with 21 unanswered points and their first Super Bowl victory in 50 years.  

The moral of this story, in addition to not giving up, is that every second counts.  We see this time and again in sports, but it applies to us too. For many of us, we are content to sit idly on a bus or a subway, maybe checking our phones for the latest news or Facebook updates, but there are also many opportunities to get ahead and actually create “smart” time on your Smartphone.  You can draft emails while on the train, draft letters while standing in line, start writing your next book during your next flight, or write your next blog post as you wait for a friend at a local restaurant. Every second counts! As you add up each of these short productivity spurs over time, you’ll be surprised by how much you can achieve in the medium to long-term.

This isn’t to say that every second should be devoted to work and being productive. We need time to decompress and relax.  But this is a reminder that you can organize your life in a way in which you can effectively use time, particularly idle time (waiting in lines, sitting on a train, etc), so that you can get more done AND enjoy your free time.

Happy achieving!

Before I go, here is this week's Trance (a calming and deep tune):

Title: Zocalo, Artist: Armin Van Buuren Featuring Gabriel and Dresden, Album: Shivers, @Spotify Link:

I choose the best Trance music so you can focus on what's most important!

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