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Be a Mindful Interruptor

I owe this post to productivity ninja, Jim Hetherton. 

Jim encourages us to take a Mahatma Gandhi approach to the world of work. Gandhi famously encouraged us to “be the change you want to see in the world.” Jim says be that change, even in everyday situations. If you hate being interrupted, don’t interrupt. If you don’t like when others disrupt your productive flow, don’t do that to others. In his words, be a mindful interruptor. 

Interrupt only when you MUST interrupt. And when you must interrupt, ask the person first if it is a good time, be concise, and when relevant, clearly present the problem and potential solutions. Just like you don’t have time to be wasted, so don’t those around you. 

For those of you working from home with a child or children around, you surely have had more than your fair share of interruptions by now! (understatement of the year?!)  For you, it is especially challenging, but if there is one skill you can pass along to your child(ren) during these times of quarantine and home learning, it might be-- how to be a mindful interruptor!  Certainly this is much more difficult for kids to understand and achieve, but instilling this idea now can lead to progress down the line.  Baby steps!

And speaking of babies--- if you happen to be working from home with a baby you need to take care of too, mindful interruption can be out of the question when it comes to the little ones.  But just hang in there, take deep breaths, and remember (with a smile if you can) that everything is just temporary.  And by all means, cherish your time with your little ones-- I know like other parents how quickly those years fly by.

Happy achieving!

Before I go... nothing better to focus your Dark Horse than some good 'ol Trance. Follow my playlist on Spotify: Dark Horse Tamed; Link: 

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