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The Anatomy of Tamed

In Part I of this book, I discuss why we need to exercise self- control and tame our dark horses more than ever before, along with what self-control is, and concepts of time—all of which are essential in self-control and goal achievement.

In Part II, I introduce proven strategies to improve self-control using the “EAT” system. The “E” stands for “Environment”; here, I discuss shielding strategies and changes you can make to your surroundings that will help diminish potential distractions for the dark horse and alleviate some of the burden placed on the charioteer. The “A” stands for “Act”; in this section, I will share some valuable strategies for pursuing your desired goals without letting the dark horse lure you towards immediate gratifications that do not support your long-term achievement. The “T” stands for “Think,” and here I share strategies that the charioteer (the rational self) can apply in order to stay focused, on track, and in control. At the end of this book, I recommend a 20-day self- control workout using all the strategies you have learned, and provide a template for you to use.

The Strategies

On the rows below you will find some of the strategies shared in Part II of Tamed. The columns indicate the areas in our lives in which we can benefit from taming our dark horses. The check marks indicate which taming strategies are most effective for the kind of change you want to create in your life. 


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