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Mental contrasting - how to increase effectiveness 3 fold!

Updated: Mar 23, 2020

Studies tell us that mental contrasting-- visualizing your goal and anticipating potential barriers-- increases your ability to achieve your goals three fold.

If you are trying to implement and idea or launch an important project, it’s important not only to set a specific goal and imagine what you hope to achieve (a desired future/outcome), but it’s also important to pay attention to what obstacles might arise in achieving your desired goal.  So if you find yourself often attending to unimportant tasks that are not related to your goal, for example, what is triggering this response? How can you eliminate the trigger?

Take a moment to visualize your goals for today or for the next week. What are your anticipated barriers? How is your Dark horse potentially muddling your goals? What will you do about it?  Reflection is a key step in moving forward and taking the right actions. Remember that you and only you know what distracts you, what gets on your way. Do a critical analysis of what gets on your way and find ways to circumvent them.

Three fold is a significant advantage… worth giving it a try!

Happy achieving!

Before I go... nothing better to focus your Dark Horse than some good 'ol Trance. Follow my playlist on Spotify, Dark Horse Tamed:

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